10 dreamy bedrooms

SLEEP TIGHT. I’m currently redecorating my bedroom (which technically isn’t a room, but more of a nook since I live in a studio apartment) and have been pinning up a storm of gorgeous bedrooms to take inspiration from. Since you guys liked last years "10 dreamy bedrooms" post so much, I thought it was time for a part 2. If you haven’t dozed off by the end of this post I’d love to know which bedroom is your favorite!
Pictures via: 1. bungalow5.dk 2. paulinaarcklin.nl 3. Fantastic Frank 4. Paul Costello, Courtesy of T Magazine 5. Magnus Marding 6. Pinterest 7. Josefin Hååg for Residence 8. Sharyn Cairns for Inside Out Magazine 9. Petra Bindel 10. Domino Magazine.